DNa LAB Organic Hair Chemistry Is Magic!

DNA_LAB_Organic_hair_chemistry 2

Visions of a magnificent crowning glory? Dreaming in balayage, color painting, sombre, and color melt? Over your old look? Behold the gifted artistic wizards of safe non-toxic hair care at DNa LAB Organic Hair Chemistry! A hip and friendly place for realizing your ultimate hair desires in comfort and style. The salon is located just a short drive from downtown Frederick at the circle in Urbana. Dream big! You could even have your hair match the rose gold of your iPhone case! Time to get yourself over there and live your dream baby!

phone rose gold DNA LAB
Color collaboration by Stylists Laura, Madison, and Taylor.

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry is the brainchild of innovative wonder couple David & Ana Maria Seifarth. Together they have built a modern salon filled with talented artists creating the coolest hair styles and color stories that you can imagine! Color fantasy made manifest. Not walking on the wild side of color? Be assured that DNa Lab can also do subtle highlights and classic cuts. As an example I was letting my dyed blonde hair grow out. During my first salon visit David worked on my cut and integrated highlights into my hair using Olaplex. During a recent appointment he added purple toner to help with color correction. David worked on blending old and new growth which includes some gray and silver streaks. The result is that four months later my natural hair grows in seamlessly.

ash and platinum me DNA LAB hair
My Platinum and Ash by David

I’ve been loving DNa Lab because they use safe non-toxic cruelty-free products, can repair color damaged hair, are adept at working with long or short hair styles, and are without question current with the latest fashion styling and colors. DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry does not use ammonia based products so there is no nasty chemical aroma in the air. Awesome! Everyone who works in the salon treats you as a special guest. I get the feeling that the employees love where they work and that adds to the positive vibe of the place too.

David working at the color bar.

Although David may be who I see at DNa Lab, this salon has a total of 10 talented hair stylists with different specialties to choose from. The service is friendly, warm, and attentive from the receptionist to your stylist. They wish to give you the experience you desire so you leave the salon confident, happy, and rocking your fab hair. You will probably be glowing!

front desk dna lab urbana

Explain your hair concerns when you call DNa Lab and they will gladly recommend the stylist who is right for you! Check out the bio page here for an overview of all the stylists. Be advised that new color clients require a consultation first.

Men’s cut and texture by David.

And the guys who like to be on top of trend can be assured that DNa Lab has a loyal male clientele. Need enchanted hair for a wedding or special event? They can do that. You might want to consider the lovely soft braid work seen below.  Find the price list for all the DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry services here.

Hair stylist Jeyse.

Much has changed since my last visit. Just when I thought the atmosphere of DNa LAB couldn’t get any hipper… the salon has been updated with a new wow factor! Form follows function… and then… Ana Maria & David take their salon design concept to another level.


The hip rustic industrial DNa LAB Organic Hair Chemistry salon now has an added sense of modern chic. A custom designed back-lit triangular wall of stylist stations and a sleek bench now greet you at the entrance. With her eye for detail Ana Maria added natural looking moss and mushrooms to the new brick wall behind the receptionist desk.

Dna shampoo beds web

Along with the addition of new masterful stylists and stations, Dna Lab also added more of those comfortable shampoo beds. Relax while you dream in color!

DNA_threading _station_2

There’s a new threading and blow out station. What’s threading you may ask? That’s a technique for removing unwanted hair from eyebrows, chin, neck and lip areas.

DSCF6200e web v2

Digging the spiked Mohawk planters! Perhaps they were an inspiration for the playful child’s hair style below. Wish there was this kind of fun safe color product when my son was this age. Heck I wish they had these imaginative hair painting options when I was younger!

Hair by Victoria

Let’s talk ‘product’ since those safer options continue to expand at DNa Lab. Product lines include Original & Mineral or O&M, Hans de Fuko, Organic Colour Systems, Yarok, Loma, KeraGreen, Natural Tech Products by Davines, Milk Anti frizz, Olaplex, and Arrojo American Wave. A new non-toxic vibrant line will be coming soon to ‘DNa Lab’ called ‘Pulp Riot.’ This is a quinoa based vegan, no ammonia, no MEA, no PPD, no paraben intense color product. You can read my past review of DNa LAB that I wrote here dealing with the important issue of safe non-toxic hair product for everyone’s benefit and health. I admire and support their business model for providing this kind of service to the public .

short hair class_dna_urbana
Short hair class at DNa Lab Urbana

DNa Lab regularly presents teaching classes to their salon creative team as well as to other stylists in the country. Follow the DNa LAB Instagram account to get ideas for your hair utopia, and perhaps find out when they may need willing hair models for a teaching situation.


Amazingly David & Ana Maria were also styling hair at New York Fashion Week this year!


They were representing Australian brand ‘Original & Mineral’ as they worked on styling the models’ hair for the designer Sandy Liang.

DNA_fashion _week_n

If all of this was not enough the Seifarths were also recently seen on an HGTV House Hunters episode called “Cool and Hip in Frederick MD.”

david ana marie on hgtv

If you watched that episode you heard David mention a few times that their new house should have room for babies… well… other than their three beloved fur babies.

Ana Maria-1

The exciting news is the couple are expecting their first child this summer. We can see that Ana Maria is beaming with joy! So happy for them! Can’t wait to meet their little angel.

An Inspired DNa LAB Gallery Of Ideas

DNa_hair_color_salon 2
Rainbow reds by stylist Taylor. Whiteout hair by David.
dna hair salon smooth hair
Lavender steel by stylist Lena. Shape and color on right by stylist Madison.
dna hair salon waves 3
Rose and caramel swirl by David / Waves of salted caramel by Ana Maria / Balayage by Becca
dna hair mens styles
Men’s Hair styling by David / Hair and beard by David / Hair styled by Laura
dna hair colorful 3
Flower power braids by Madison. / Mermaid hair by Pulp Riot. / Easter Candy hair painting by Taylor.
dna hair short styles 3b
Short hair styles left to right by stylists David /Becca/Ana Maria

It’s been four months since David last styled my hair… Now after looking at all that eye candy… I’m wondering what hair magic I might want next time Mr. Wizard!

david s crystal web500

Giving it up to the Seifarths for conjuring up such a divine creative space! Imagine what the non-toxic DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry can achieve for you!


DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry / 8927 Fingerboard Road / Suite D / Frederick MD 21704   Phone: 301.810.5406

The Blizzard Of 2016


Our first blizzard in Fredlandia! Three feet of snow fell while safely looking through the window of our ‘mostly’ warm old home in town. We were grateful to enjoy such a beautiful spectacle of nature and feel cozy. We especially loved how in the midst of the snow storm everything in the city got very very quiet. Plus as night fell the city looked quite Victorian. Historic townhouses, no modern vehicles, and snow. A scene right out of Dickens! I imagined a horsed drawn carriage going down the snow covered road. As an Arthur Conan Doyle “Sherlock” fan I loved it! Just another reason to be a Fredlandian!

DSCF5984e web

Most of us look forward to this time of forced Netflix binge-ing and snacking… until it’s time to shovel. Unfortunately for my husband I am out of the loop with my broken leg injury this year. Sure hope I make up for it by cooking homemade soups, putting together green smoothies, green juice, and healthy snacks for the duration. We are both using the time to catch up on some computer work. Then I decided to start to design some Fredlandian merch and add the new ‘Shop’ page you see above to this website. So many ideas forming in my head!

IMG_7713e2 web

Meanwhile my mind always go to those men and women who are out plowing the roads on very long shifts for the duration of the storm. Within the city there is much to keep operational during an emergency situation and I am grateful for all of their work as well. Even though we prepared for any possible outages we were happy there were no electrical problems. We learned from a video that a friend shared to keep fire hydrant areas cleared of snow during the storm. In the event of a fire the firemen and women can get to the business of fighting the fire instead of digging out the hidden hydrant.


It’s fabulous that the City of Frederick lets you park your car for free in the big parking garages during the storm. No digging out. We have one car in the city garage and the other is in a private garage trapped behind a mountain of snow. The city will not be plowing that second area at all since it is private. We can only hope the owner of the property clears it in the next day or two. These are the things that one must accept when living under a huge snow emergency. Acknowledging that it will take time for regular routines to get back to normal may test some people’s patience. Everyone across the state is experiencing the same thing so most things will be delayed. Let’s not sweat it… It is what it is.


In the meantime we enjoy the little things like the beauty of the snow blown onto everyday objects. The shapes are magic. The silence of snow is a short and valued break from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Meditate on the serenity after the storm. So quiet. So peaceful. A great time to quiet the mind and chill.


Slowly on Sunday with the sun shining brightly there was movement in the streets again. A few establishments have reopened for those who cannot take being inside for long.

IMG_7882e web

Check out the cool new winter landscaping along the roadways. I spied a lost pink sweater hanging on a post just waiting for it’s owner. Obviously picked up and left by a kind person passing by. Very nice.

IMG_7889ec2 web

When looking across the frozen tundras of Carroll Creek today I thought to myself “Hey Fredlandia how about a thoughtfully created ‘no skateboarding’sign?” That ugly sign is so out of place amidst the whipped cream puffs of our beautifully designed Carroll Creek Park.

IMG_7882e crush

Yo! People! Has anyone noticed that man being crushed by the tree over there? Oh the humanity! They just keep walking past…

IMG_7894e webs

Clearing sidewalks and not getting any snow in the street because you will be fined is a tricky business. Where to put all that snow and your menu board? Up! Up! Up!

IMG_7891e web

Getting about town can be precarious right now too. Although fun can be had with this temporary seasonal material as we found when walking along this sidewalk below.

IMG_7857e web

Those mountains of snow can provide a smile for Fredlandians if you are creative with what surrounds you. What delightful impermanent art piece could you make for all to enjoy?

IMG_7880e web

Filling days with digging tunnels, creating snow angels, and making snow people! Oh to be a kid again! Fabulous that young adults created that cute snow couple above!

IMG_7862e web

C’mon let’s take a walk, talk with our neighbors, lend a helping hand, hang out with friends, and enjoy our family. It’s okay for us to play a bit longer in the city than usual during this break in the action of our busy lives. All too soon work comes back anyway. This is the world where we live. Enjoy your opportunities

IMG_7885e2 web

A winter wonderland is happening in Fredlandia right now. We will be thinking about this snow event for years to come, let’s make the most of it in the best possible ways. Be awesome.

Roads And Rails Museum Frederick Maryland



The Roads And Rails Museum in Frederick Maryland is a fun old fashioned treat for children as well as nostalgic adults. We recently took the grandchildren to this massive miniature train layout located at 200 N. East Street. Wow! Lots of time and amazing detail went into creating this display. In fact it is one of the largest miniature train layout displays in the country. If you revel in seeing the world in small scale make a point to visit this building located in the delightful Shab Row area of Fredlandia.

Frederick Maryland train room layout view

Our grandchildren who are are four and six were instantly mesmerized by this tiny land of make believe. Checking out these Lilliputian train layouts is actually an activity enjoyable for all ages. My adult daughter and I enjoyed reading the humorous signs on all of the teeny business facades. You can tell somebody was having a very good time putting this scaled-down world together! If you go to their website you will find that ‘The Roads And Rails Museum’ is a fantasy come true for a talented local train loving family. They have succeeded in creating something special to enjoy in downtown Frederick. Doing what you love creates magic! The little ones absolutely found some here!

kids _looking_at_train_layout

The impressive “O” gauge train layout is so huge that it took five guys five years to complete. Some of my personal favorites in the multitudes of vignette scenes they designed were the “Organic Food Store” located right next door to a pesticide laden bug exterminator, a spaceship sitting near crop circles, a retro-futuristic Jetson’s style diner, and a drive in movie theater showing old style ‘Godzilla’ monster movies. Every scene in this miniature train layout museum is multi-layered with characters and activities set-up by very patient model railroad enthusiasts. You have to appreciate their labor of love.

organic food toy train layout

For the little kids there are lots of buttons to push so that the various small scenes become active in front of them. Step stools are provided so they can view the impressive landscape, trains, people, and buildings even better. The friendly museum staff even suggested that we adults also step up to take our photos of the room. There was so much to take in amidst this mini ‘Twilight Zone’ universe! Does anyone remember the train layout town episode from that old black and white television show? Eerie!


Multiple train tracks constantly run with trains of all varieties upon a mountain full of multi-level scenery. This room kept everyone’s interest at every turn wondering what we would see next. The children were eager to stop and look at everything! That is saying something for kids so young too! ‘Roads And Rails Museum’ was obviously created to share a passion for old fashioned train layouts and it shows “big time!”


Like many of my peers I grew up with happy memories of holiday Christmas trees encircled by tiny toy trains. My father had a 4×8 plywood area set up in our basement with a layout of large Lionel trains and 1950’s mid century style buildings. The staff of the Roads and Rails Museum was happy to talk about any features of the the collector trains on display. One young man was especially excited to talk to me about the rare 1937 Lionel Hudson Passenger Set seen below worth thousands of dollars.


The grand kids were quite fond of the circus tent, show animals, and moving amusement ride miniatures.

toy train layout circus tent

Being a professional musician I felt my husband would get a kick out of the guitar store…

train layout guitar store

…and the jazz club seen below.


I spied a little hippie van just like the one that sits on my office shelf. It was parked in a scene right in front of ‘Graceland.’


My grand daughter was excited to find ‘Snoopy’ within a layout.


I imagine you could have a great time with a visual scavenger hunt game if you prepared ahead of time for your group. There is so much to look at and find within in every inch of space.


Our grandson happens to love trains. Being here was a magical realm full of imagination and dreams come true. And yes the popular ‘Thomas’ and ‘Percy’ trains that the children love these days can be found at ‘Roads And Rails’ too!


If all that is not enough of a profusion of trains for you… there is an amazing room with Lego layouts featuring an abundance of Lego people. Plus more buttons for the kids to push and enjoy!


It was easy to spot some famous movie characters as well as fun futuristic movie cars!


A Lego pirate ship with sea monsters was quite the spectacle. The large chart on the wall asks you to find all the Lego characters pictured. Oh my!


There is also a Lego spaceship with spacewalking astronauts that are setting up equipment. Are they spying on us?


We ended the tour of the Lego room with a good long look at the Renaissance Castle layout complete with jousting knights.


We really feel we got our money’s worth in entertainment and family fun at ‘The Roads and Rails Museum.’ This is a great destination any time of the year! We highly recommend a visit if you have children or want to revive memories of the train layouts of your youth. We will be back again no doubt!

Cost: Adults- $10 (Includes Tax)      Kids-(3-11) $5 (Includes Tax)     Kids under age 3 admitted free.

Times of Operation: Monday 10am-5pm,    Friday 10am-5pm     Saturday – 10am-5pm,    Sunday – 12pm-5pm     Closed – Tuesday Thru Thursday

Location: 200 N. East St. Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-624-5524      Email: roadsandrails@gmail.com

There is a small parking lot for museum guests, a gift area, and a separate room for children’s birthday parties.

Hungry before or after your visit? No worries! We walked across the street for a variety of yummy choices at Pistarro’s where they specialize in traditional Naples style wood fired pizza. Or walk one block down East Street as you pass by the charming shops of Shab Row and find ‘The Frederick Coffee Co & Cafe’ which sells great sandwiches, soups, desserts, and you guessed it… coffee. Another block down past the Everedy Square shops is the fantastic Ayse Meze Lounge Restaurant (our personal dinner favorite). On the corner of East and Church St. across from ‘The Frederick Coffee Company’ is ‘Frederick Fudge And Ice Cream’ shop. Across from them is the delicious vegan Glory Doughnuts (only open until 2 PM) on Church Street. Sometime in 2016 a new place called Good juju Juice Bar will open on E 2nd St. across from the entrance to ‘Roads And Rails!’ You are totally covered when it comes to wonderful food choices for your ‘Roads And Rails’ museum visit to Frederick, Maryland.

Happy Holidays In Downtown Frederick


I love to drive through town during the Holidays In Downtown Frederick. Even when I did not live downtown I would make a point to drive along Market Street. Passing under the canopy of lights that extends north to south always brings me joy. The experience of living in this city surrounded by the many streets that come alive with sparking lights is enchanting! Frederick embraces the season in so many delightful ways. One is the old fashioned luminous decor you see everywhere day or night. So we’re going on a little visual trip of ‘Christmas In The City’ to share this holiday season’s jubilant Fredlandia vibe. A combination of festive lights, classic Victorian fresh greens, jolly red bows, creative window displays, merry front doors, happy little windows, and even a nod to those who have their own brand of funky holiday wishes during this season. Being an actual Christmas baby it’s so cool that nearly everyone celebrates something! Let’s go!


Oh by gosh by golly it’s time to head into the center of town looking for mistletoe and holly. We see the large hanging iron baskets that are usually overflowing with flowers in the warm months have been transformed by volunteers from various civic groups and sponsors. Now full of cheery ornaments and snowflakes they are much appreciated by those of us walking through town on these balmy winter days. No snow glistening around here yet… although we are aware that Fredlandians can create their own winter wonderland. I hope I get to go to the Kris Kringle Procession next year when I’m not hindered by limping about with my cane! Sounds like a blast of old world holiday cheer. For a wonderful video of the local Holiday scene check out Celebrate Frederick’s Facebook page.


Time to check out some decor during the Holidays In Downtown Frederick. Such a grand entrance! This elegant trio of plaid bowed boxwood wreaths are the perfect touch for this unique door front. The shabby chic brick, the aqua trim, and gray pillared door really catches my attention. There are so many classic historic homes throughout downtown Frederick. View more of Fredlandia’s lovely homes and seasonal decor in my post about the 2015 Holiday Candlelight House Tour.

nutcrackers_in_window_frederick_md 2

A  Nutcracker suite waiting on a wintery fairyland that has not yet arrived peers out from behind these undulating wavy glass windows. What a great collection!


Sometimes what is peeking out from the windows might look right back at you! Nothing says winter’s coming like a gorgeous friendly Husky! Sweet!


Lots of handsome gates to be seen throughout Frederick city. Even those found in the back alleyways are lovingly decorated with splendid holiday decor too.


Frederick’s Fudge And Ice Cream Shop’s charming bear has his best red holiday tie on! He’s only “dreaming” of a white Christmas since it’s supposed to rain this year.


I really have a thing for all the amazing double doors downtown. This heavenly blue pair with marble steps is certainly one of my favorites. Love the berry and leaf wreaths too!

doors and tree_frederick

Along with wreaths and swags on doors, many homes during the Holidays In Downtown Frederick have their Christmas tree placed in the window for everyone to enjoy. Oh check out those stained glass transoms! Imagine what they look like from the other side! Exquisite!


Another architectural theme I adore that repeats throughout Frederick is those arched windows and doors! A classic pine cone wreath sits on a lacy curved beauty.


The marvelous ironwork and architectural details of this home’s gated area are enhanced by this dried natural greens wreath.

silver _wreath_black_door

A dazzling silver wreath set upon this well aged black door is a sophisticated counterpoint.


You have to agree when rocking down East Street at night along Everedy Square and Shab Row it’s always a treat for the eyes. Glowing buildings outlined in glittering lights never disappoint.


Bravo to the designer of this store window for The Trail House located on Market Street! Everyone who passed by admired the camping inspired scene. Having been a visual merchandiser myself I respect the thought and time that went into putting this clever idea together.

red_church_doors 2

Holidays In Downtown Frederick is also well known for all the many beautiful churches and spires. I just had to include this red Gothic beauty bedecked in nature pine wreaths.


Here’s looking at you Santa even if you do look rather trippy in that wavy antique glass.


Perfect light shined upon these double doors creating seasonal tidings of comfort and joy.


Found Santa’s big old boots! A thoughtfully created display by The Shab Row Tea Emporium shop.


A shared space between the Shab Row Tea Emporium and Frederick Coffee Company is decked out in inviting fresh greens, lights, and red bows. Quite a little holiday wonderland just right for late night sipping during the recent mild December nights. Let’s get together for a chat and chew!


Old fashioned lace window treatment spruced up with an evergreen and gold ribbon swag.

snowman in window3

A frosty looking snowman on East Street frolics in the midst of lacy looking handmade snowflakes. Very nicely done.


Ahhh! Black beauty double doors with an arched transom! Love.


Crazy over the charming shimmering log buildings in Shab Row. Even the backside of buildings have lights making a lowly rear parking lot look good. It’s magic!


Snazzy vivid blue door meets big happy wreath dotted in shiny baubles. Very welcoming!


These nighttime windows glow resplendent in the light of two dazzling Christmas trees. A visual delight for the neighbors I passed outside of this historic Frederick home.


I am loving the decorated skinny alley gates and doors in historic downtown Frederick too. This chic black one has an attractive cut out detail above the cheerful red and green wreath.


Holidays In Downtown Frederick find us gleefully sitting at the light of East and Church Street admiring the delightfully trimmed buildings which light up the night.


A window in Fredlandia wishes everyone a very unique greeting of the season.


Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like Darth Vader. May the force be with you so you can go forth and make merry. Movie anyone?

tree in shop window night 3

Narrow fit! Someone squeezed this skinny tree within the walls of the Shab Row shops.


We continued strolling Shab Row’s brick sidewalk along the quaint old buildings, fragrant fresh pine boughs, poinsettias, and big red bows that drip from the stairs. Are you hungry yet?

east_st_ decor_frederick_md

We hope you enjoyed this trip around town. It is only a small part of what can be seen and experienced during the Holidays In Downtown Frederick. Since this year I’m still only getting about with a cane I have not gotten to see and do everything. This is only our First Christmas together in Frederick so more is to come! Now I am quite hungry. Let’s get a veggie burger. Enjoy your holidays whatever they may be! Wishing you much Love and peace. I’ll be home for Christmas Fredlandia!


Historic Frederick Candlelight House Tour 2015

Frederick Candlelight House Tour

We awoke to a glorious downtown Frederick morning excited to get inside the homes listed on this year’s Historic Frederick Candlelight House Tour 2015! My husband is a professional musician and since Friday & Saturdays are gig nights, we waited till Sunday to join the tour. Saturday’s event had been held 5 – 9 PM and the “candlelight” was provided by a large hanging lantern near the entrance of each home. Numerous mason jars filled with battery operated tea lights lined the edges of walkways.


Our Sunday tour began at noon and there was no candlelight to be seen during this absolutely perfect day. We passed small groups and couples on various downtown streets carrying their 2015 Frederick Candlelight House Tour brochures. Today’s excellent weather was most certainly a big influence on the large number of people participating. Who would not want to see inside these beautiful historic homes? I want to go into all of the mysterious Frederick homes! This event is such a great opportunity! Unfortunately for you there are no photos allowed inside the homes. Which means my photos today are of various exterior spaces which include the back yard spaces we can never see from the street. I hope if you have yet to take the Celebrate Frederick Candlelight House Tour over the holidays that this post may inspire you to do so next year!

candlelight tour brochure

Seven years ago while residing in a different Maryland town, our historic rental home was part of a ‘Holiday House Tour’ too! Having been through this type of event ourselves we appreciate today’s home owners allowing us inside their private world. We acknowledge the organization ‘Celebrate Frederick’ for providing the planning needed to put it all together too. During our own experience we had 3 volunteer docents helping the public tour our beloved Christmas cottage. Therefore the volunteers must be thanked for providing their time as well. We are grateful to Mother Nature for her cooperation today. There could have been a blizzard the week before the home tour as happened to us!

blizzard christmas decor 2009 e

Decorating our enchanting 1910 home was an enterprise that I thoroughly enjoyed. I suppose when you are born on Christmas Day and get engaged after watching “It’s A Wonderful Life!” at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve it’s only natural that you really get into this stuff! So let’s get this festive party started and hit the streets of sunny Fredlandia!


We drove to Third Street to begin our self guided Frederick Candlelight House Tour and found a great parking spot which would allow us to walk to the next couple of homes. First up was this jewel box Victorian. We had admired this slender 1887 gem many times as we casually walked the neighborhood. I adore the multitude of details across the facade. Check out the variety of shapes surrounding the grand entrance below. It was so fun to get a peek at the inside of this home! Since this is one sweet house I wished we could have seen all of it! Drawn to historic architecture, I find modern homes to be plain, boring, and sterile. They don’t seem to be interested in the beauty, craftsmanship, and detail of the past.


I so appreciate those homeowners who restore older homes back to their glory days. I know it is a labor of love for them. The gorgeous greens and berries that adorned the front bay window boxes and the front door of this Third Street home were lusciously created by Kallmyer’s Custom Florals.

winter_greens_window_box_decor 2

We walked out of the homes’s updated kitchen down onto a side patio. The back yard area stretched out into a long narrow fenced space. Through a slim alleyway we made our way back to the street. Many historic downtown Frederick homes have these narrow alleyways in order to bring trash cans and recycling forward to the curb. As we left this home we noticed in addition to the standard alleyway wooden door this home had a beautiful ironwork gate which was also nicely decorated for the season.


I might mention at this time that I am using a light weight purple paisley cane to get around since my broken leg injury. My current walking condition made me doubly thankful for the fantastic weather! I had no trouble navigating any of the homes on the tour or the old bumpy sidewalks. Walking through a narrow road between other downtown homes we headed towards Second Street. Onward to the classic large 1845 home you see at the very top of this post. The owner lives in the front of the house and allowed everyone to tour the second floor as well. The location of this Frederick Candlelight House Tour home provides a great view of church spires from their rear garden.


The house surprisingly goes back to a large south wing which houses two apartments looking out to a lovely courtyard. You would never see this from the front unless you went on the house tour, or were fortunate enough to live in the apartments. The gracious owner greeted us out in her beautiful backyard area. Seeing that I was using a cane she thoughtfully invited me to sit and rest awhile under a large tulip tree. Below you can see a bit of the rear of the home which has a long length of traditional sleeping porches on the second floor. There are many cozy spots to sit and enjoy while in this backyard sanctuary.


The Green-Walled Garden Club decorated this home for the holidays. They added their special touch to the creative front entrance and to many areas in the courtyard architecture as viewed below.


We continued down East Second Street to our next destination… a historic home constructed in 1850 or 1864.The exterior is classically painted and had wreathes festooned on every window. Some brave soul had to get up to those upper floor windows to complete this unifying look! The interior of the home was an eclectic mix of modern with antiques. A very comfortable shabby chic vibe. We call the owners party people, as there were two areas devoted to mixing drinks or serving wine. We assumed they must entertain a lot!


The owners did their own holiday decor. The vignette below of gathered finds is as you exit the home to the back garden courtyard area. The pop of chartreuse on the door is reflected again on the chair cushions you will see in the patio photo.

shabby chic yard decor

The couple has updated their home with a modern kitchen and family room that overlooks this wonderful green space bringing in the outside. A live lighted Christmas tree is the main centerpiece of their outdoor dining space. Alongside of the home there is seating for a glowing fire pit. This large back yard is a private space perfect for a city living getaway!


We then strolled over to Church Street past the festive lights of East Street’s Shab Row. Along the way we spied ‘Glory Doughnuts‘ just as they were closing! Hey! We are just in time for the end of the day special! A few vegan donuts to go please!


When approaching the early colonial home of our destination we noticed a very long line forming. We waited for about 15 minutes as they allowed small groups of guests into this charming diminutive home. Some people left not wanting to wait. They moved on to the other tour houses missing out on a very special home. Certainly worth the wait, this home that was built in the late 1700’s is a registered Frederick landmark. Everyone was greeted at the door by a classic iron urn decorated to perfection by the owner. Love the color they painted the exterior brick too. Just inside was a fascinating 1820 Empire sofa with hairy paw feet. The circular wooden arms of the sofa concealed secret drawers for hiding your valuables. What a great place for a pair of those reading glasses I now have all over the house! Since the wall between the dining room and living room had been removed the small space felt roomier. The walls in the home were filled with the talented owner’s artwork.


The space between the house and the former separate summer kitchen has been filled in by a relaxing den connecting the two areas. Even though their kitchen has been completely renovated with modern appliances and granite counter-tops, the small space with its low beams still feels historic. As you step down to the left you enter a sliding glass walled office/studio space that takes in the view of the backyard greenery in all directions. The outdoor courtyard of this home is amazing! Shaped topiary line the brick walls and an unusual glass roofed loggia lets in light as it protects you from the elements. Brilliant!


There is an exquisite European flavor to this very private setting covered with mossy weathered brick landscaping. Evident again with this glorious fountain just outside of the couple’s office studio. I can only imagine what it must be like to sit out there during a soft rain. You could be transported into a soothing calm world living among this serene space. Can I stay here?

frederick_city_garden_fountain_holiday z

This is definitely an outdoor space I did not want to leave. Alas since we must… how about passing through this pair of snazzy iron griffins! What??? I’m in love! They are the coolest!


We drove up to Rockwell Terrace to tour two more homes. This neighborhood has an enclave of outstanding period homes that each possess their own magnificent appeal. Very much looking forward to viewing the interiors of such homes we began with the 1910 Neoclassical brick four square with the Doric column porch.


Approaching the home I was reminded of the decor I did for our ‘Holiday Home Tour House’ that you saw in the snowy photo up above. Reusing lighted branches from our wedding created a sparkling fantasy arbor to the entrance which held twinkling lights, icicles, and clear iridescent ball ornaments. Today’s tour home had a very lengthy white branch art piece covered in modern wire LED lights that stretched out overhead making a dramatic statement in gold and green ornaments. Loved it!

holiday_branch_decor_ceiling 2

Inside…. we looked at a Dali print, a paper cathedral and a tree filled with home style ornaments. The large bay window area of the dining room had tall tree branches lined up like holiday soldiers. A TV room had a funky retro white tree covered in playing cards. Our favorite room by far was the cozy kitchen they made from reclaimed pine paneling, vintage looking cabinets, and an old style hearth fireplace! Wow! Can I set a spell and have a cup of tea or hot chocolate? When exiting the delightfully warm and comfy kitchen we were surprised to see this marvelous inventive bubbly champagne bottle hanging from the back porch!


The table in the yard held a distinctive holiday display filled with blue spruce and golden branches. All the decor work was completed by the design firm of Jones & Eberhardt.


Walking across the street to the next home I had that feeling of familiarity once again. The steps rose up to a deep Doric column lined porch roomy enough for wicker table and chairs. So reminiscent of our beloved old wrap-around porch and furniture. Notice the brickwork detail of alternating light and dark shades.


I immediately took notice of the double set of double doors for the entrance! Heaven for furniture moving! Walking into the foyer we viewed a classic staircase and stained glass window. Mostly filled with antiques there is always something of interest to look upon in this charming 1905 home. Formerly converted into two apartments the current owner needed to completely renovate the home in order to make it a livable single family home. The room I think everyone will remember is the kitchen with a gigantic square island, covered in marble, built by her brother. I wondered about the team of people needed to set that in place! On one side is a table fit for a Queen and in a nearby arched nook is a Lachanche range. Truly breathtaking. Exiting from the kitchen onto a tiny porch I noticed this exterior door with a rustic bark and berry wreath.


We drove the car to view a home on Record Street next. Parking was easy to find alongside the City Hall grounds. It was getting near to the end of the tour hours and we were concerned that we could not fit the rest of the homes in the time allotted for the day.


Making our way to the nearby home we discovered another line of tour guests waiting to get inside. It was just about ten minutes to wait while two groups of a dozen people went in before us. The most remarkable detail of this carefully restored home is the foyer staircase which turns in long ovals all the way to the third floor. Wait…. Looking at the exterior of this home you will see there is no third floor. A visual trick it wraps up into the attic thus creating the illusion of a third floor. As you stand below looking up into the circling ovals it is truly a beautiful piece of architecture. The farthest ceiling fixture’s light radiates out into sparkling shadow designs. The ‘Men’s Garden Club’ draped the staircase in about 90 feet of hand made garland greenery which included dried lily pods. The pods came from the lovely Carroll Creek display of lilies that they are also in part responsible for helping to set up. The staircase walls were hung with classic antique photos and family portraits

pineapple_fruit_holiday_door_frederick 2

In one of the double parlors a pianist from ‘Piano Works’ played a baby grand. The back parlor with its large collection of nutcrackers had a unusual door called a jib. Older homes had these 2 piece dutch style doors installed so that coffins could be brought into the home to discretely remove the deceased. Both rooms had regal marble fireplaces with graceful decorative fire backs. This 1825 home which seemed much larger on the inside won the owners the 2012 City of Frederick Preservation Award.


Time was running out so we decided to take advantage of the light refreshments and restrooms at City Hall. I sat taking a rest sipping hot apple cider near the decorated tree seen above. My legs were grateful. A few minutes till four City Hall was cleaning up for the day. Sadly we realized that we would not make it to the Motter Avenue home. We might make it to Creekside House, a local Bn’B on the house tour, if we hurried.


Closing up shop they still invited me inside. Hubby followed, they closed the door, and we quickly chatted with Carolyn the owner. We had met before when we were looking to rent in downtown. Ultimately the home was too small for all of our stuff. There are actually two similar homes. One is a rental property, and the other is a Bn’B that can be rented for long or short term. Tiny home life is very trendy right now and this 1860 dwelling is certainly one of the original tiny homes. I had been thoroughly impressed with Carolyn’s kindness and skill at decorating such a petite home. I plan on doing a piece about the inside of the Bn’B with photos in the near future. Be sure to look out for that post and see how she handles making small spaces work for modern life.


The shared courtyard Carolyn created between the two sister homes contains seating areas, a waterfall, and a resplendent angel. You can walk right out onto Carroll Creek from this dreamy space. The Christmas decorations are by Michael McCrossin and Nikki Irwin.


We really enjoyed our day touring historic Frederick homes during the 2015 Candlelight House Tour. Now quite hungry we drove over to dinner at Ayse Meze Lounge. My husband agreed that it was a beautiful day, filled with good weather and the historic Frederick sights we so love. Hopeful that next year ‘Celebrate Frederick’ adds an extra hour to the tour day so we can tour all the decorated holiday homes on the list. I would guess if not for the crowds at some of the houses that we may have made it to all the homes. Still it would have been very close to closing. Regardless we both felt everything we saw was worth the ticket price and the wait in line to get a peek behind the front doors. We did get to pass by one of the homes later that night all aglow. Much love and appreciation to the accommodating owners and their inspiring homes. Happiest of Holidays!



DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry: Non-Toxic Alternative

dna lab hair organic hair chemistry MD

Let me share with you a place very near Frederick, MD. where you can get your hair cut, styled, and colored safely. Plus be pampered in a friendly Industrial hip environment run by caring professionals. If that sounds good to you meet the talented David and Ana Maria Seifarth. Together they have created ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry,’ an exceptional non-toxic salon located at the circle in Urbana, MD. They share a passion for styling hair and sourcing hair products that can safely give clients fantastic results without the worry and danger of noxious harsh chemicals. You will be saying good-bye to your bad hair days and hello to a healthy environment at their phenomenal ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’ salon.

dna organic hair salon frederick md

During their professional careers they realized that not only are the carcinogenic chemicals of modern hair products bad for us consumers, they are doubly toxic for those hair stylists who must work with those chemicals every day! This stunning husband and wife team wanted a healthy sustainable beauty experience for their customers, staff, and also themselves. So they opened the ‘DNa Lab’ salon right off of I-270, north of Washington, D.C.. They have succeeded in supplying top notch hair styling that includes state-of-the-art certified organic hair product alternatives. Their ever growing list of clients are singing their praises. In fact clients travel from out of state, and across Maryland, including Baltimore, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. to savor the ‘DNa Lab’ experience.

DNa Organic Hair Chemistry Frederick

The atmosphere of the ‘DNa Lab’ salon is modern industrial. Very cool and a definitely hip. In fact the designer Christopher Ritchie that worked with the couple on this work space has a store in downtown Frederick called Industrial Home. I love the vibe. Whenever I visit ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’ the staff is welcoming and cheerful. They take my coat, and immediately offer me and my hubby a nice cup of tea. You can be served ‘other stronger drinks’ if you prefer. My favorite thing is that when you walk into this salon there are no chemical smells in the air! Imagine that! How refreshing! There is even a special swivel chair bar for clients to set up laptops and recharge phones. They really try to make the whole waiting part of the experience easy on you or your companion. Their retro magazine page covered restrooms are famous for satisfied clients to share selfies with the world!

organic hair color

At ‘DNa Lab’ they will hook you up with a specialist stylist that suits your particular hair needs. (Check out the Bios page at their ‘DNa Lab’ website.) You may have curly hair, fine hair, short hair, long hair, prefer modern cuts and color, love dimensional color, would like a perm or a wave, or be in need of bridal hair. You get the idea, male or female, we all have our own preferences when it comes to our crowning glory. ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’ will listen to your concerns and set your appointment up with the perfect stylist for your desires as they want you to be happy with the final results. I always have been thrilled with my finished style and color and really enjoy indulging myself in this atmosphere of attention. David a certified organic colorist, is my personal stylist. He made the suggestions for dramatically improving my previously drab looking hair while incorporating my color ideas as well. Having longer hair it is so important that my stylist respect my personal requests.

hip Industrial vibe salon frederick

Why choose organic product for hair anyway? Do you realize that 85% of cancers are caused or triggered by toxins from our modern world? Skin, our largest organ, absorbs everything that comes into contact with it and then sends those substances into our cells. Just think about skin lotions, and medical patches… the fact that they work is based on the skins amazing absorption power. For over 40 years I had been using the highly destructive chemical hair dye process and breathing in the fumes. Plus I was rubbing those harsh dangerous chemicals into my scalp to color my roots every two months.Yuk! Ultimately I could no longer do something like that to myself after having had a cancer diagnosis. I had to start letting my hair grow out natural. Unfortunately my natural hair color was just not doing it for me at all. I wanted some highlights and low lights to mix in with those new grey hairs I was seeing. ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’ is my answer.

blow out hair frederick md

Thanks to ‘DNa Lab’ I can feel good about the process of coloring and styling my hair with their safe chemical-free products. David works his styling magic on my hair and I am super happy to feel like myself again! I know even if you are currently enjoying vibrant health that finding a new hair stylist can be a bit daunting. You can feel really confident about your choice to work with a salon such as ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry.’ Coloring your hair can now be a worry free restorative spa-like experience for your well being. Just when I thought I would have to give up on my hair altogether, I can instead enjoy having a bit of glamour back in my life!

ana marie dna organic hair labs

David and Ana Maria have made a point to research brands with natural and organic ingredients that are tested by outside sources, have sustainable practices, and are cruelty free. Just having the word “organic” on the product does give them a reason to carry the line in their salon. It takes more than adding that word to a bottle. Therefore some of the products they carry are called organic and some are not. Most of the product lines that they carry in the salon do use ‘Certified Organic Ingredients.’ Carefully they have chosen product lines that do not contain any ammonia, sulfates, formaldehyde, and parabens. They even provide gluten-free hair products for their clients that are so sensitive to gluten that their skin breaks out in a rash. Compared to traditional chemical hair color, organic and natural hair color is very gentle on your hair. David and Ana Maria do care about the healthy quality of your hair as well as how great you will look.

organic highlights in hair frederick md

In the past David would not allow his customers with naturally dark hair to get the really lighter shades because it damages the hair from stripping. Now they can offer a professional use only product called ‘Olaplex’ which is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is not tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects the bonds in your hair broken by thermal, mechanical, or chemical processes. Your hair gets extra protection and lighter organic shades are now possible for us darker haired ladies. Oooo-la-la! Bring on some hot looking highlights!

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry

The hair coloring product David used on my hair is made by Organic Colour Systems. A wide variety of shades are also available from ‘DNa Lab’ in the ‘Original Mineral’ O&M’ color line as well. So many healthier choices! Talk to one of ‘DNa Labs’ organic hair color specialists about which brand of color is appropriate for your hair situation and needs. Certainly it depends on your own natural hair color and/or if you used chemical color how any particular shade will appear on your hair after the coloring process. Gone are the smells, the stinging scalp, watery eyes, and total damage done to your hair and body from all the chemicals. Your hair will actually be shinier and healthier than ever before!

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry

Besides getting your hair done expect serene restorative relaxing time too. You will enjoy a complimentary hand treatment under a hot towel, and herbal shampoo with a soothing scalp massage. Just ease on back into one of their oh-so-comfortable shampoo beds. No ‘bent neck’ aches here people! Sweet! The botanical products they use are delightfully ‘smelly good’ and provide soothing aromatherapy! Enjoy a wonderful experience!

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry

Products Used By ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’:

O&M = From Australia (Original Mineral). Free of parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, phthalates, MIT, and Triclosan. Hair color contains no harsh chemicals and is ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free. They use natural Australian minerals and ingredients such as Kaolin, Montmorillonite, Illite, Lilly Pilly, Quangdong, Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Argan oil, Macadamia oil, other natural oils, and aloe vera within the hair care product line. No animal testing.

Yarok = 100% Vegan botanicals made in fresh batches from organic pristine sources that are responsibly harvested. Free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates, and gluten. Cruelty free.

Loma = Hand crafted in small batches all products are free of paraben, gluten, sulfate, and sodium chloride. Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel is the primary base for all products, with other organic ingredients such as lavender, fennel seed, and sunflower seed. Organic essential oils of avocado, sunflower, olive, jojoba, castor and safflower as needed.

Organic Color, Curl, Care, Control, Systems = 100% ammonia free, Certified Organic Ingredients, cruelty free, 100% vegan, no plastics, and no thioglyolates.

MILK Anti frizz = Handcrafted in California. Organic ingredients from sustainable sources.

Hanz de Fuko = No animal testing. Certified Organic and Non GMO plant based ingredients when a choice exists for their styling products.

Some of the products I have used from DNa Labs with success are:

Shampoo: ‘O&M Original Detox’ – removes deposits on hair and refreshes with Australian Mint.
Conditioner: ‘Loma Nourishing’ for dry thirsty and chemically treated hair. Aromatherapy – cranberry and pear.
Dry Shampoo: ‘CocoLab’ – A locally crafted product made from arrowroot powder, spices and oils for those in between shampoo days. It really works!
Protection from Blow Dryer use: ‘O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz’
Protection: ‘Loma Nourishing Oil’ –  protection, shine, aromatherapy – vanilla bean and orange.
Style: ‘Hanz de Fuko Quicksand’ –  Love this product for giving my fine limp hair volume.

coloring hair after cancer safely

My personal quest in life has been finding healthier ways of living. I love seeing this industrious couple succeed with their vision of safer hair solutions for their growing list of satisfied clients. We need more people in the world who include making life better as part of their business model! I am so thankful that they have created this space with superb hair care in the greater Frederick area! My hair is now soft and healthy! Do you want a fantastic cut, and/or color executed in a safe caring environment? I would say it’s time for you to get pampered with kindness at ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’! Make your hair appointment soon!

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry

dna lab organic hair chemistry
8927 Fingerboard Rd Suite D Frederick, MD 21704 – 301.810.5406

DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry

For a more in-depth review of my ‘DNa Lab Organic Hair Chemistry’ hair coloring experience you can check out this post on my healthy food and lifestyle blog called ‘The Queens Table’.

(Also don’t just take my word for it… check out even more reviews about the ‘DNa Lab’ experience on Yelp! here.)


Fire In Ice 2015 Frederick’s First Saturday February

Fire In Ice

Walking through the huge crowds in historic Frederick Maryland’s downtown, we quickly noticed that cars were filling up the main streets. The town was hopping! People were shopping and enjoying the excellent cold weather festivities!  The amount of strolling people on the sidewalks was much larger than usual. That is due to the February ‘Fire In Ice!’ event presented by the Downtown Frederick Partnership. One of the biggest ‘First Saturday’ events of the year it was great luck to find ourselves here tonight! Wow! After looking at some homes for rent downtown we were off to enjoy the ice sculptures! Thankfully the weather was quite mild compared to the freezing weather we have been enduring. The ice sculptures scattered about town were radiant with their glitzy sparkle and shine. As the sun set, the sky darkened, and the city lights came on, the ice began to reflect any surrounding colors. Night’s magic created sparkle city and Fire In Ice !

Graceful and regal, the stunning ice swan below was one of my favorites sculptures. Getting quite a bit of attention from the crowds, lots of phones were snapping up a great photo op.

Fire In Ice

While walking along the frozen water of Carroll Creek we came upon a series of ice signs… ice advertisements? Really? We wondered where are the ‘Fire In Ice’ sculptures? Seemed like this would have been the ideal spot to showcase some awesome ice art. Hmmmm… We moved on hoping to find the real ice sculptures along the various streets of town. Found this chilly sledding penguin hanging out on a street corner.

penquin on sled web

Spied a happy waving lobster! Alright! Nice! We got some real ice sculptures happening!

lobster ice sculpture web

A fantastic goat ice sculpture with the handsome details! The pointy long horns are exquisite.

the lonely goat ice sculpture web

Sitting quietly on the Market and Church Street’s corner we found a sweet little snowflake.

snowflake ice sculpture web

Notice how you can see right through this ice cameo to the people chatting on the other side.

ice cameo web

The nationally known restaurant ‘Volt’ was hosting a lively family friendly fire pit situation. Adults were lined up to get drinks served from a whiskey bar ice sculpture.

whiskey ice server web

Close to their grand front entrance steps ‘Volt’ also displayed a colorful Maryland flag ice sculpture.

volt ice sculpture web

Continuing along Market Street we passed an ice fairy chillin’ in front of a warm shop window.

ice fairy frederick md web

Of course there was a shamrock in front of Bushwaller’s Irish Pub.

bushwallers ice shamrock web

Seeing the ice sculpture representing world peace I actually wished it could be a permanent addition to the town… perhaps in glass.

Fire In Ice

In front of a jewelry store there was a great big shiny chunk of ice bling.

diamond ice sculpture web

We kept on truckin’ and passed a trippy Dead head in front of Zebop’s groovy shop.

zebop ice sculpture web

At Carroll Creek there was a line of folks waiting to get their photo taken upon this ‘Frozen Ice Throne.’

Fire In Ice

Overall this year we noticed there were more ‘typographic ice sign ads’ for businesses than artistic 3D objects d’art sculptures during ‘Fire In Ice.’ That is disappointing as each sign is one less opportunity for creative ice art. To be honest, we were we not the only ones who observed the blatant advertising signage pretending to be sculpture. We heard others sarcastically faking their “Oh’s and Ahh’s” as they passed these icy signs. Some adding a few unsavory comments. The people’s opinion was that the ads were a lame fake out. I do understand that this special evening is there to bring shoppers into downtown during the slow winter months, so I hope everyone did a brisk business. I just don’t want the organizers to lose sight of what brings folks like us out on cold winter’s nights en mass… it’s actually getting to view real three dimensional ice sculpture. Let’s support more inventive ice creations by ice sculpture artists for everyone to enjoy while they shop and dine. Moving forward into the future of ‘Fire In Ice’ night hopefully there are less of these ad only signs. It can only give the event a bad name to just have “ice advertising.” Stores may lose those great crowds since there will be nothing left to see and that would be a meltdown of a good thing. “Art not ads!” I will finish with only one photo of a ice advertisement sign because it is a worthy group which supports the arts in Frederick. I previously shared this same event in 2013 here on my other blog when we came across the ice sculptures on a Sunday outing as well. Even as the sculptures began to slightly melt, you can see the shape of the ice sculpture reflected the shop’s main business activity, and were not a lettered sign molded from ice. Hope to see more sculptural ice shapes in the future Frederick.

frederick arts council web ice

As always we really had a wonderful evening strolling through the historic downtown Frederick area that we love so much. Trying to dine at some of the downtown restaurants that evening, we woefully found out it would be a two hour wait, without having previously made reservations for ‘Fire In Ice’ night. Lesson learned… next year make reservations ahead of time! After all that walking we really had worked up an appetite, we exited to our car to purchase food at the Wegman’s Food Store and bring it home to eat. Looking out through the car window we passed two wonderfully executed ice sculptures on East St. of a bird, and a butterfly. Wish we had gotten photos of those two lovely piece of art! The serendipity of being there during this ‘First Saturday’ in February for ‘Fire In Ice’ was perfect. Thank you Frederick for all that you do to make life fun! Next February we will be living downtown when the Ice Queen arrives! Yes, we ended up renting one of the townhouses we walked through that very day, and we are now officially Fredlandian’s!