The Blizzard Of 2016


Our first blizzard in Fredlandia! Three feet of snow fell while safely looking through the window of our ‘mostly’ warm old home in town. We were grateful to enjoy such a beautiful spectacle of nature and feel cozy. We especially loved how in the midst of the snow storm everything in the city got very very quiet. Plus as night fell the city looked quite Victorian. Historic townhouses, no modern vehicles, and snow. A scene right out of Dickens! I imagined a horsed drawn carriage going down the snow covered road. As an Arthur Conan Doyle “Sherlock” fan I loved it! Just another reason to be a Fredlandian!

DSCF5984e web

Most of us look forward to this time of forced Netflix binge-ing and snacking… until it’s time to shovel. Unfortunately for my husband I am out of the loop with my broken leg injury this year. Sure hope I make up for it by cooking homemade soups, putting together green smoothies, green juice, and healthy snacks for the duration. We are both using the time to catch up on some computer work. Then I decided to start to design some Fredlandian merch and add the new ‘Shop’ page you see above to this website. So many ideas forming in my head!

IMG_7713e2 web

Meanwhile my mind always go to those men and women who are out plowing the roads on very long shifts for the duration of the storm. Within the city there is much to keep operational during an emergency situation and I am grateful for all of their work as well. Even though we prepared for any possible outages we were happy there were no electrical problems. We learned from a video that a friend shared to keep fire hydrant areas cleared of snow during the storm. In the event of a fire the firemen and women can get to the business of fighting the fire instead of digging out the hidden hydrant.


It’s fabulous that the City of Frederick lets you park your car for free in the big parking garages during the storm. No digging out. We have one car in the city garage and the other is in a private garage trapped behind a mountain of snow. The city will not be plowing that second area at all since it is private. We can only hope the owner of the property clears it in the next day or two. These are the things that one must accept when living under a huge snow emergency. Acknowledging that it will take time for regular routines to get back to normal may test some people’s patience. Everyone across the state is experiencing the same thing so most things will be delayed. Let’s not sweat it… It is what it is.


In the meantime we enjoy the little things like the beauty of the snow blown onto everyday objects. The shapes are magic. The silence of snow is a short and valued break from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Meditate on the serenity after the storm. So quiet. So peaceful. A great time to quiet the mind and chill.


Slowly on Sunday with the sun shining brightly there was movement in the streets again. A few establishments have reopened for those who cannot take being inside for long.

IMG_7882e web

Check out the cool new winter landscaping along the roadways. I spied a lost pink sweater hanging on a post just waiting for it’s owner. Obviously picked up and left by a kind person passing by. Very nice.

IMG_7889ec2 web

When looking across the frozen tundras of Carroll Creek today I thought to myself “Hey Fredlandia how about a thoughtfully created ‘no skateboarding’sign?” That ugly sign is so out of place amidst the whipped cream puffs of our beautifully designed Carroll Creek Park.

IMG_7882e crush

Yo! People! Has anyone noticed that man being crushed by the tree over there? Oh the humanity! They just keep walking past…

IMG_7894e webs

Clearing sidewalks and not getting any snow in the street because you will be fined is a tricky business. Where to put all that snow and your menu board? Up! Up! Up!

IMG_7891e web

Getting about town can be precarious right now too. Although fun can be had with this temporary seasonal material as we found when walking along this sidewalk below.

IMG_7857e web

Those mountains of snow can provide a smile for Fredlandians if you are creative with what surrounds you. What delightful impermanent art piece could you make for all to enjoy?

IMG_7880e web

Filling days with digging tunnels, creating snow angels, and making snow people! Oh to be a kid again! Fabulous that young adults created that cute snow couple above!

IMG_7862e web

C’mon let’s take a walk, talk with our neighbors, lend a helping hand, hang out with friends, and enjoy our family. It’s okay for us to play a bit longer in the city than usual during this break in the action of our busy lives. All too soon work comes back anyway. This is the world where we live. Enjoy your opportunities

IMG_7885e2 web

A winter wonderland is happening in Fredlandia right now. We will be thinking about this snow event for years to come, let’s make the most of it in the best possible ways. Be awesome.